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From 1979 to 1987, I (Wesley Johnston) published 10 issues of the Butson Family Newsletter. Though a number of contributions to the newsletters came in, the cost of printing and mailing it finally became too great, and I was US$500 in the red. So I had to give it up. I have received a number of inquiries about the newsletter over the years, and so I am making the 10 issues available on the web.

This site is definitely a low priority. Converting all the remaining issues to web pages is definitely something I still want to do. But each one is a lot of work. So I have no schedule for when the next issue will be posted. I have no plans to publish any new issues -- just ot post the old ones.

So what is here so far is what is here so far. It will all be here some day. I have kept the original text but modified the format, better to fit the web. I have included only the articles with genealogical and historical content. Thus articles on subscription policy and dstirbution of the newsletter and donations are omitted.

My most recent Butson ancestor was my 2nd great grandmother, Emma Butson Johnston. While she was born in Canada, her father - my 3rd great grandfather Henry Butson was born at St. Blazey, Cornwall, 25 March 1831; came to Canada in 1841 and married Sarah Harrison in 1852. Henry died in Detroit in 1892. Emma died in Chicago in 1897.


David Butson, now living in Texas, has taken on the task of carrying forward the torch that I have had to pass due to my health. He will be not only finishing up the posting of the 10 past issues but also able to hear from you if you have new information. Plus he has set up a Butson Family Discussion page. So please see his web site (you can click on the name above), since I will not be making very many more updates to this site for a long while, if ever.

Here are the links and the stubs to the 10 issues. The featured countries are shown for each issue. However, every issue has at least something from most of the major Butson countries.
  1. Number 1 - Fall 1979: Canada and England
  2. Number 2 - Spring 1980: Canada
  3. Number 3 - Spring 1981: English Records; Butson Emigrants to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand
  4. Number 4 - Fall 1981: Australia and New Zealand; Distribution of Butsons in Great Britain
  5. Number 5 - Fall 1982: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  6. Number 6 - Spring 1983: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  7. Fall 1983: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  8. Spring 1984: Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  9. Fall 1984: Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, USA
  10. Spring 1987: Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA, KEAM Column

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  2. I am NOT planning to publish another issue. If you have new information, please see David Butson's WWW.BUTSON.NET web site and contact David.

  3. Once you have read all of the above, please send comments to WWJohnston01@yahoo.com.

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