Manuel de Leon

Manuel de Leon (1923-1997)


This tree is a frozen snapshot of my Manuel de Leon Ancestors tree on Ancestry, which is the master version. All living people are without names or other information, but you may be able to find yourself. However, I have not tried to capture all the living members, so that many people are not in the tree, in which case you will need to find one of your parents or grandparents.

This version’s snapshot was download from Ancestry 6 Mar 2016 and has 70 people in 22 families.

For those who have an Ancestry account, Manuel de Leon is at and you can click on that to see him and then navigate to anyone else within the tree.

GENEALOGICAL DNA TESTING Four of Manuel's descendants and relatives have DNA tested with Family Tree DNA's Family Finder test. If you are a relative who has tested on Ancestry, Family Tree DNA or 23andMe, or if you have not tested but would like to, then please use the "Info" pulldown's "Contact Us" to send me an e-mail.

NOTE FOR PRINTING CHARTS: In order to have the generation-connecting lines appear on printouts of some charts, change your browser's Page Setup setting to print background colors. Some charts will not print properly in Firefox