The project reconstructs all of the families of St. Blazey, initially from parish registers augmented by census records, but also with records from other countries.

This is a copy of the master database which is kept in an Ancestry.com tree The current copy was made 25 Aug 2017 and holds 4,601 people in 1,076 families with 493 images.

Since some of the people in this database are also in my personal family tree, I have more information on some of them in my personal tree. There will usually - but not always - be a mention of the master record being in my personal tree for such people in the St Blazey database. Click here to view "Wesley Johnston's Celtic Roots Tree".

Please do submit suggestions/corrections if you find something you think needs fixing. With so many people and families, the more eyes that look at the data the better the database will become. But I do need solid sources for any additional or alternative information that you present.

View The Saint Blazey Families Project web page where you will find more about the status on the progress through the sources systematically being used to create the database.

Note that for dates prior to the 1752 conversion from the old style calendar that used March as the month in which years changed to the new style calendar in which the year changes January 1, I use the new style dates, since there are calculations being done with those dates, but I do try to note the fact of both the old and new style date in the notes for the event.

NOTE FOR PRINTING CHARTS: In order to have the generation-connecting lines appear on printouts of some charts, change your browser's Page Setup setting to print background colors and images. There is also a bug if you are using Firefox that prevents charts from printing properly. So if you want to print charts, use Internet Explorer.